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Giant and Large Dahlias - Blooms 0ver 8" - Includes All AA & A Size

The "AA" sized dahlias are the true giants of the dahlia world. Blooms can easily reach 11-12 inches. "A" size dahlias average 9-10 inches. These giants require staking to support the massive blooms. Plant height varies from 3' to 6' within this category. Bloom size and plant height are not necessarily linked.
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Clara Huston
AA Incurved Cactus Orange
$ 7.75
Clyde's Choice
AA Formal Decorative Orange
$ 9.50
Dixie's Winedot
A Informal Decorative Variegated Yellow and Red
$ 8.25
Eden Talos - ADS Medal Winner
A Semi-Cactus Bronze 2012 ADS Medal Winner
$ 18.00
Elma Elizabeth
A Formal Decorative Lavender
$ 10.00
Elsie Huston
A Informal Decorative Pink
$ 8.00
Formby Kaitlin
A Formal Decorative Purple
$ 9.00
Inland Dynasty
AA Semi-Cactus Yellow
$ 9.50
KA's Cloud - ADS Double Medal Winner
A Informal Decorative White New 2015 ADS Multiple Medal Winner
$ 30.00
Kenora Wildfire
A Semi-Cactus Red
$ 9.00
Show N' Tell
AA Laciniated Dark Red & Yellow
$ 9.25
Summer Beauty
A Informal Decorative Orange
$ 11.75
A Semi-Cactus White
$ 10.50
AA Semi-Cactus Dark Red
$ 8.00