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Fertilizer and Pest Management Recommendations and Descriptions

Below are links to pages on our web site and other web sites that contain useful information about fertilization and many of the pests and diseases that can affect dahlias. This is not all inclusive. We will continue to add more updates as time permits. This is meant as a general reference tool using information gathered from outside sources and from our own personal experience. Thank you to those who have provided resources for us to use. We have tried to provide appropriate credit.

If you have questions that this information can't answer feel free to contact us for more help.
Dahlia Nutrition Slide Show
Very basic, but we think useful guidelines based on our practices and some of what we have learned from other dahlia experts. Created 9/2012

Dahlia Pest Control Slide Show (big file-takes a few seconds to load)
2012 - Describes many dahlia pests with life cycle discussions and organic, bio, and conventional control recommendations.

Organic Pest Control Recommendations for Many Common Dahlia Pests and Diseases
2012 - Products that we use and instructions on how to read labels of products sold for pest and disease control. 

White Smut of Dahlia
July 2006 - A disease that affects regions with summer rain fall.

Western Flower Thips Life Cycle and Control
An article written by us for our local dahlia society. Includes organic and conventional control methods. Good discussion of life cycle and bio-control. 

Link to UC Davis Article Discussing Powdery Mildew Control
Comprehensive article describing powdery Mildew and Control.

University of CA Davis Mite Description and Control
This is a link to an excellent article describing damage and effective control of two spotted spider mites in horticultural environments. It applies directly to dahlias - includes organic and non-organic strategies, including the use of predatory mites.

Description of Symptoms of Bacterial Fasciation
Written in 1991 the symptom descriptions and discussion about the disease in this article are the best reference we have found about this increasingly serious problem in dahlias. 

Dahlia Stem Rot
Text and photos describing stem rot that commonly affects dahlias late in the season, particularly following early warm rains. Probably more of a problem in climates where the soils don't freeze regularly. Posted July 2006