Dahlia Plant Specialists

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Dahlia Plants - From Our Greenhouse to Your Garden
Our system of propagation and shipping provides you with garden-ready dahlias the same as commercial nurseries and serious dahlia hobbiests use. The plants you receive will bloom the same as tuber grown dahlias (usually sooner) and will produce tubers in the Fall. They do everything you would expect from dahlias without the toil of planting dormant tubers.
From December through May the greenhouse is the hub of our operation.
Cuttings are harvested at regular intervals.
Cuttings spend about 4 weeks under mist and are then "hardened" for shipping.
We use insulated boxes and ship via USPS Priority Mail with arrival in 2-3 days.
Plant them on a cool day or late in the afternoon to minimize stress. Gently remove the plants from their rooting trays and set them up to the first pair of leaves into well prepared soil.


"Mother Plants" are nurtured in heated beds.
Only the most vigorous shoots are used.
The plants are securely packaged for their travel.
When they arrive your plants can go directly into pots or the garden. Harden them for a day or two in bright, but not direct sunlight. The root cubes are small and the plants will quickly use all the water in hot conditions.
Water your plants thoroughly and regularly for the first 10-14 days to guarantee quick and stress-free establishment.

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